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Book review - This is Survivor Research

This is Survivor ResearchSweeney A, Beresford P, Faulkner A, Nettle M, Rose D (eds) (2009) This is survivor research. Ross-on-Wye: PCCS BOOKS Ltd. ISBN 978-1-906254-14-8

We highly recommend this book. We have found it to be and honest and very encouraging book that motivates to do research and opens up horizons for the future, both personally and for the acquisition of knowledge.

For anyone new to research this book gives clear explanations of the terminology and theory of research. It is a useful and relevant tool for both service users and professionals involved or simply interested in survivor research. The book clearly and coherently covers a wide range of issues facing service users/survivor research in the climate of social inclusion. It addresses issues such as objectivity, validity, and reliability when engaging as a service user in research. The book gives a glimpse of the voice we have and aims to promote recognition of the skills and experience of service users at academic / researcher level.

This book was reviewed by Researching Psychosis Together group: a collaborative research group involving service users and occupational therapists. Copies of the book were obtained for everyone with funding from the Brunel University Knowledge Transfer Secondment Scheme.