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Stress Awareness

stress ballsIt is estimated that one in five people experience work-related stress at some point in their lives, and every year in the UK, there are over half a million instances where work-related stress results in people being absent from work.

From a University perspective stress management is not only about reducing stress in the workplace, but helping staff recognise stressful situations before they occur.

The following course and resources are provided to staff to help recognise and manage stress.


Beating Stress

Click here to be directed to the Beating Stress Interactive e-learning package

The new Beating Stress interactive e-learning package includes:

  • What is Stress
  • Stress in your Daily Life
  • Stress in the workplace
  • Act now to help yourself
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Beating Stress Quiz
  • Stress Awareness Presentation

This e-learning package is extremely flexible, it allows users to dip in and out as they please.

It also includes a short 12 minute presentation.

The Stress Awareness Presentation gives you an opportunity to see Stress Check Training in Action. The trainer, Paul Turner talks through some of the basic aspects of stress in this short 12 minute presentation.(headphones are available from Staff Development)



The following Useful Guides are available to download:-

  • De-Stress You
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Work Life Balance


Stresspac Programme

Open to all staff

New programme that is open to all staff (and students) across the University and is being run on Thursday evenings from 6.15pm to 7.45pm. The course last 6 weeks and is being held on campus. Contact the HR team for future programme dates.

The Stress control course is a self- help psycho-educational course about anxiety and depression. It is based on cognitive behaviour therapy and the principle that these problems can sometimes be maintained by habits of thinking and behaviour. The course looks at learning about stress, managing panic and anxiety, improving sleep, the benefits of relaxation and exercise and how to control your thoughts.

The course is open to all staff (and is open to the public). Anyone interested in attending should contact Human Resources and we will arrange for them to meet with Occupational health to complete a brief assessment to ensure that the course will meet their needs. The course is run as a lecture and not as a form of therapy or interactive workshop. It may not therefore be suitable for staff requiring more of a counselling approach.

If you have any queries, or your staff would like to speak to someone about the programme please contact the HR team.

About the course

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