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New Students


Joining a university can appear to be a complex and confusing process. However, having an understanding of what is required will save you time and make your first weeks at York St John University far more enjoyable.

For new students, enrolment consists of the following steps:


  1 Create your IT Account

  2 Upload a photo

  3 Complete the enrolment screens

  4 Visit the Welcome website for induction info

When you arrive here

  5 Confirm your arrival on campus

  6 Enrol with the Medical Centre

  7 Apply for Council Tax exemption

It is vital that you enrol with the University as soon as possible, because this forms the formal contract between you and the University. It enables you to use the library, use computing facilities, receive your University Student ID Card and have your student loan payments initiated, where applicable.

Please make sure you understand what you need to do to enrol. If you need any help, contact us using the details in the box on the right. Please also read the following links:


Any questions?

T: 01904 876923/876776
E: registry@yorksj.ac.uk