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Exam Procedures

Prior to the examination

  • Students shall assemble outside the examination room at least 20 minutes before the published start time.
  • Students are required to take their student ID cards into the examinations.
  • Students shall not enter the examination room until instructed to do so by the invigilator.
  • Attendance lists with the module number and title, student number, student name and seat number will be displayed outside the examination rooms immediately prior to the start of an examination session.

The start of the examination

  • Students will be admitted to the examination room a few minutes before the time indicated on the timetable. 
  • They must enter in silence.
  • Students must leave all bags and books not required in the examination in the area identified by the invigilator, they cannot be placed near the students’ desks.
  • Students are not permitted to have mobile phones with them during the examination. Phones must be left in the students’ bags or on the invigilator’s desk and must be turned off.
  • Students must ensure they occupy only the correct seat as indicated on the seating plan and must place their student ID card on the desk clearly visible for the invigilator to check.
  • Students must bring pens and, if they wish, pencils, erasers and similar items. Students may also be permitted or required to bring with them additional instruments, books or materials. Details of such arrangements will be announced beforehand by the module leader.
  • Battery operated calculators are permitted in all examinations unless specifically precluded by a statement in the rubric of the examination paper. Students must provide their own machines and are responsible for ensuring that they are in good working order. Invigilators may check calculators to ensure they are of an appropriate type. A student should check with the invigilator if in doubt as to the appropriateness of the calculator.

During the examination

  • No student shall be allowed to leave during the first 30 minutes or the last 10 minutes of the examination.
  • Students shall use only the approved examination stationery.
  • Students must not introduce into the examination room or have in their possession any book, paper, material or instrument, whether it is used or not, except as required or permitted under the rubric of the examination.
  • A student who is unwell or who needs to leave the examination room for any reason deemed adequate by the invigilator may do so under the supervision of an invigilator and return whilst the examination is in progress. A student who leaves the examination room unaccompanied shall not be allowed to re-enter the room.
  • Silence must be observed in the examination room at all times. Students shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not cause disturbance to other students in the examination room
  • Students shall not communicate with other students by word of mouth, sign, writing or any other means and shall not attempt to read the work of other students. If a student is suspected of cheating the matter will be investigated and considered in accordance with the Regulations.

At the conclusion of the examination

  • Students shall remain silent and seated until instructed to leave the examination room.
  • Students shall cease writing their answers when instructed to do so and shall ensure that their scripts, named continuation sheets and rough work are attached together ready for collection by the invigilator.
  • Students must complete the front page as required by the rubric on the answer book. This will include the student number of the student ID card. The student must anonymise the examination script by sticking down the glued portion of the script book at the end of the examination to conceal the name as instructed by the invigilator.
  • Students shall not remove any item supplied for the examination.
  • Students will leave the room only on the instruction of the invigilator.