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Rules for Level 3 Re-sits

Please note that the arrangements at Level 3 are different from Levels 1 and 2, and Registry will write individually to students to explain their options.

Final level students should note that it is possible to graduate with one 20 credit failed module in their results profile. Retaking the module for a maximum of 40 marks may be necessary if the module is compulsory for award. It may not be possible to change a degree classification by resitting a module, however, so final level students are advised to consult about re-sits.

A student who is not eligible for the award of an honours degree because they fail to reach 100 credits in their final year may be permitted, on one occasion only, to re-sit the module they have failed. In any re-examination the mark may not exceed the minimum pass mark as designated by the University, ie 40 for undergraduate modules and 50 for postgraduate modules.

Students in certain professional programmes where modules are compulsory for professional registration may be required to be re-examined in order to graduate.

Level 3 re-examinations are normally undertaken in the next academic year.