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Rules for Progression at Levels 1 and 2

This section explains what is required to progress from one level of your programme to the next.


Full-time undergraduate students must attempt 120 credits, i.e. six full modules or the equivalent, at any level. This includes deferred modules.

It is compulsory to pass certain modules. This is particularly important for Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and QTS students. Students should check with their Head of Programme or Faculty Office if they are unsure whether modules are compulsory to pass.

Progression to the next level with 100 credits is permitted provided the failed module is a non-compulsory module, the mean average mark including the failed module is 40 or more and only if the fail mark is 20 or more.


If you cannot complete a piece of work on time or attend an assessment, you must ensure that you contact the relevant member of staff or your Faculty Office to negotiate an extension. Provided that an extension has been formally agreed, the assessment will be recorded on your transcript of results as '0 DF' (deferred, eligible for full marks).

Non-serious Attempts and Qualified Fails

Failures with a mark lower than 20 constitute a non-serious attempt. This must be re-taken to achieve a mark of 20 or more. The penalty for not attempting a re-sit in such a module, or of not raising the mark to 20 or more following re-sit, may be termination of programme or a bar on progressing to the next level of your programme of study.

The maximum mark available on re-examination is 40 for undergraduate level modules and 50 for postgraduate level modules, with the exception of qualified fails where the original mark is awarded on successful completion of the deficient work. A qualified fail is where a student has failed one required element of a module but gained a pass overall. This is recorded as a QF on your record. The student may attempt to clear the outstanding element at re-sit. If the student fails, or if the attempt is not made, the mark will then be recorded as a straight fail of 39. Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy students must attempt to re-sit the QF module.

Deferred Assessments

Any student with deferred assessments must similarly attempt the assessment to gain a mark of at least 20. If a student fails a deferred module with a mark less than 20, the Board of Examiners for Progress and Award will give careful consideration to the position of the student in respect of progress. It will not be satisfactory for a student with a deferred assessment to decline to attempt the module because 100 credits have already been achieved.


Faculties have been asked to notify students with failures of the requirements for re-assessment immediately following their Subject-area Assessment Panels. If you have any queries about your re-assessment requirements please contact your Faculty directly. Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the requirements for progressing in your programme of study. We have asked Faculties to make arrangements to let their students know where and when support for re-assessments can be accessed. Faculties are also providing an e-mail address for re-assessment queries. This will be regularly monitored.