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Admissions Policy

3.34. Complaints

3.34.1 There is no right of appeal against an admissions decision about matters of academic judgement regarding an applicant’s suitability to study a programme; or about an applicant’s failure to satisfy non-academic requirements specified by external agencies for a particular programme (e.g. DBS enhanced check or occupational health checks).

3.34.2 All appeals should be made within 14 calendar days of a decision being made, appeals made outside this timescale will only be addressed at the discretion of the University

3.34.3 However, a complaint relating to a procedural error, an irregularity or maladministration should be made in writing to the Admissions Manager, who will respond to the applicant in writing (please see Section 5 ).

3.34.4 Any further complaint will be considered by the Vice Chancellor whose decision is final.

3.34.5 Applicants who request feedback or make a complaint or ask for a review of the admissions policies and procedures will not be discriminated against in any further applications on the basis of any of these.

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