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Admissions Policy

3.17. Re-admission of students

3.17.1 The University will not normally allow re-admission for students who have had their studies terminated where the applications is made within 24 months of the date of the termination decision.

3.17.2 Where a reapplication is requested within the 24 month period after the termination decision, further consideration will not be given to the application unless suitable evidence is provided indicating an appropriate level of change and/or development since the termination. An interview to determine suitability for re-entry must take place before an offer for re-entry within the 24 month after the termination decision was made.

3.17.3 Applications from the following will require the approval of the relevant Faculty, Registrar and Secretary plus the Director Of Finance and/or Director of International Development, where appropriate, before the applicant may be offered a place:

i. Students who have withdrawn from the University and are seeking admission to the same, or any of the same, subjects previously studied

ii. Students who have a debt to the University

3.17.4 Applicants who fail to declare their previous attendance at York St John University and/or who fall into any of the above categories (i,or ii) may have their applications withdrawn.



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