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Admissions Procedures - UCAS

1.19. Clearing

1.191. Clearing begins on the day the A Level results are released in August, applicants may be considered before the official start date but no offers will be made before this time.

1.192. The decision whether to make an offer to such an applicant will depend upon various factors such as:

i. Possession of qualifications suitable for entry

ii. Whether qualifications held are sufficient for entry

iii. The number of offers accepted as firm/insurance in relation to places available on particular programmes and the consequent likelihood of vacancies

iv. Whether the applicant is eligible for the University’s Alternative Entry System.

1.193. Interest may also be expressed in programmes of study by applicants who do not have a current application in UCAS.  Such applicants may already have qualifications or be awaiting results.  Suitable applicants may be admitted to programmes of study by use of UCAS Records of Prior Acceptance (RPAs) provided that an unconditional offer can be made.

1.194. Results of some applicant’s assessments may be made available to Admissions prior to the publication of A2, AS and AVCE results.  This applies particularly to National Diplomas and Access programmes.  In circumstances where such results are sufficient in themselves to make a decision, i.e. there are no other outstanding conditions the following procedure will be implemented:

1.195. The offer conditions are met or exceeded – applicant’s place confirmed

1.196. The offer conditions are not met entirely – applicant informed that a decision will be made when the results of all other applicants are published and the availability of places is known.

1.197. The result is such that the qualification offered will not be awarded – applicant advised that their place cannot be confirmed for the current year of entry.  Such applicants will be encouraged to apply again in the next cycle if they are able to meet the entry requirement by re-sitting or offering an alternative qualification and are not successful in obtaining a place elsewhere.


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