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Admissions Procedures - UCAS

1.17. Confirmation

1.171. Admissions will automatically receive published results from UCAS for a number of qualifications (see Appendix 1 for a full list):

1.172. Admissions will prepare results files for consideration by the Selectors and will highlight the following information for each applicant:

i. Outstanding non-academic conditions which prevent a decision being made

ii. Outstanding academic conditions such as GCSE which prevent a decision being made

iii. Year of entry other than current year

1.173. Selectors will make decisions on results in all cases where this is possible.  In programmes of study where offers exceed available places the Selectors will adopt the following procedure:

i. Accept all applicants who have met or exceeded the offer conditions made

ii. Hold all applicants who have not met the offer conditions

iii. Reject all applicants who cannot meet the minimum entry requirement of two A-levels or their equal.

iv. Total all acceptances and calculate the number of places unfilled, taking into account those with conditions outstanding but which are likely to be met.

v. Accept applicants whose tariff score is closest to the offer made and continue until all places are filled or it is decided that applicants with higher qualifications might be found during the Clearing process.

1.174. Selectors who do not have sufficient offers to fill the available places allocated will decide at what minimum tariff score they will accept applicants and will confirm the places of all applicants up to this threshold.

1.175. Selectors for under-subscribed programmes of study will, wherever possible, confirm the place of any applicant who has applied to the University and who can meet the minimum entry requirement and any other specific entry requirement.

1.176. Admissions will advise UCAS of those decisions which have been made based on meeting or exceeding the conditions of the offer and for which results have been received. Admissions will prepare enrolment documentation which will be posted first class through Royal Mail. 

1.177. In addition the Clearing Call Centre will be able to provide information to applicants on their status.  Applicants who have not yet had a decision made on their application will be referred by the Call Centre to Admissions.  Admissions will advise callers of the status of their application and where necessary inform them of any procedural matters they may need to complete to expedite a decision, or finalise their position with the institution.


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