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Advice for Referees

The following advice is taken from the UCAS website but applies to references in general

To help the us make a decision on an application, we need referees to give an assessment of the suitability of the applicant for the course they have applied for and, where possible, include the following points:

  • Existing achievement, with particular reference to subjects relating to the courses for which they are applying
  • Motivation and commitment towards the chosen course(s)  Blog
  • Predicted grades where relevant e.g. degree, A level, BTEC 
  • Any relevant skills achievement, whether certificated or not 
  • Potential (other than predicted grades)
  • Powers of analysis and independent thought
  • Relevant curriculum enrichment and other activities
  • Relevant work experience, such as work placements, voluntary work, etc 
  • Proposed career plan
  • Where relevant, their suitability for training for a particular profession
  • Any factors, such as personal circumstances, that may have affected, or might affect their performance
  • Information about any special needs and other requirements

Remember to not give information about a student’s health or disability without their agreement.