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Online Application Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to making an application via our online application system

Logging in


Equal Opportunities



Referee details

Personal details


Uploading documents



Checklist & Declaration

Work/School experience


What happens next?

Personal statement/research proposal





The application form is broken up in to different pages which are accessed from tabs at the top of the screen. Once you are logged in, you can move through the form page by page and finish with your declaration. There is help text throughout the application, and you can hover your cursor over the blue question mark symbols for the additional text to appear.

In addition to this guide, please read all the instructions and questions within the application thoroughly; some of the requirements vary depending on which course you are applying for.


1: Logging inApply for a job

If you are making a new application, create a new account by clicking on the New User button and register your details (see section 2 below). Your Username will be your email address and you will need this, along with your password, to log back into you application.

If you have an application already in process, enter your Username and Password in the relevant boxes and click the Login button.


2: Registering your details

If you are a new applicant, start by entering your details and once finished, click the ‘Proceed’ button. Please only enter one name in the forename box at this point, you will be given an opportunity to enter more later on in the application. Please note that your email address will be your Username.

If any mandatory fields have been missed, a message will appear informing you which field(s) is missing. Remember that your email address is your Username.

Please check that your details are correct – if not, click ‘Amend User Details’ and make the changes before clicking the ‘Save changes’ button. You can also change your Password here.

If you have applied to more than one programme, you can also access these by clicking the ‘View Previous Actions’ button and selecting the appropriate application.

You can click the 'Save' button at any point during your application which will take you to a summary page and send you an email automatically. This email will contain a reference number (your Usercode), and a link to take you to the login screen for when you wish to return an complete your application. You will not be logged out of your application when you click 'Save', simply taken to the summary page. To return to your application, click the 'Application Form' link at the top of the page.

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3: Entering your personal details

This screen contains some mandatory fields which must be completed before you can move on to the next screen, these are marked with an asterisk (*).

These include a question on your Highest Qualification which you select from a drop down list. The list of qualifications to choose from is long and extensive. The entries in it can be confusing but they refer to the records we must return to the Higher Education Statistics Agency so we need to adhere to them. For those with Honours degrees, you need to select the entry near the bottom of the list: UK first degree with honours. The reference to ‘first’ degree does not denote the classification of your degree only that it is the first degree you have taken i.e. not a Masters which would come afterwards.

If you are paying for your own tuition fees, please select 'Private Source of Funding' from the dropdown list for the question on 'Who will pay your fees'. If you are applying for an advertised PhD Studentship, please select 'Other' from the dropdown list.


4: Entering your qualifications

When entering your qualification dates, do not worry if you cannot remember the exact day of the month you took your exams – you can enter the 1st of the month instead.

Please do not group qualifications together as one entry e.g. 5 GCSE at grade C. You need to list them all individually.

You may add up to 20 records - if you need to add more, there is the option to upload details on them at the end of the qualification section.

For part-time primary PGCE applicants, if you have taken/or are taking a GCSE equivalent qualification, such as through EquivalencyTesting.co.uk, we may request further details about this before your application is assessed. You may wish to upload certificates or further information at the end of the qualification section. We do not accept all equivalencies so please check with us before you apply. Also be aware that you will need to produce official evidence of your GCSEs at interview if you are selected.

For some courses, you will be asked to enter details on your undergraduate degree. You do not need to enter details of this twice, i.e. in both the qualification and the degree section, simply add it in the degree section. If you have not yet received your degree results, enter Pending and ask your referee to provide a predicted degree classification in your reference. If you do not hold a degree or are applying for a post-experience programme, you can enter N/A in each field in this section.

Please enter the main subjects/modules you studied in your degree and enter each in a separate field. If you are unable to remember every module or the exact titles, do not worry but please give an estimate of the areas you covered. There is space to enter up to 10 modules - if you have more than this, please upload further details at the end of the section (e.g. a full list in a Word document or a scan of your academic transcript).

If you are applying for a primary teaching course, we need to identify your specialist knowledge relevant to teaching subjects in the National Curriculum. You should include any skills courses such as IT or statistics and modules that show your knowledge of cross-curricular themes being developed in primary schools, such as environmental education, community or citizenship, health education, equality and diversity.

If you are successful in receiving an offer, remember that you will be asked for official evidence of all qualifications that you enter on this form. If you have misplaced or no longer have your qualification certificates you will need to get replacements from the relevant exam board or official confirmation from your school/college. Do not enter a qualification you are unable to produce official documentation for.

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5: Entering your work/school experience

In this section you can enter any relevant paid or volunteer work you have had, or in the case of PGCE applications, any school classroom experience you have gained. You can list up to 10 entries.


6: Entering your personal statement/research proposal

In this section you can enter a statement (or proposal) to support your application - please check the word limit displayed on the screen as programmes have differing limits. Include information (where relevant) on: personal qualities, practical/life experiences, managing people, communication skills, relevant courses undertaken, other prior learning experiences not referred to elsewhere on the form. You may also wish to consider the following questions:

  • Why do you wish to study this programme?
  • What strengths do you feel you have in the area you are applying for?
  • Do you have any career goals based on your choice of programme?

Some programmes have a requirement for specific information to be covered or work to be uploaded so please check the information on the screen. There is also the option to upload extra documents here.


7: Equal Opportunity section

A response is required for each of these questions but there are options to choose from which include 'Not known' and 'Prefer not to say'.

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8: Entering your referee details

For the majority of programmes, you are required to provide details of two referees; for those programme which only require one referee, only one section will be displayed on the screen.

When you press the submit button, we will automatically send an email to both of your referees, using the email address you have entered. Please, therefore, ensure that the email addresses you enter are correct. Do not type anything else in the box other than one email address i.e. do not include multiple addresses separated by a semi colon or enter your referee's name.

The email we send to your referees contains a weblink which allows them to submit their reference for you online. This is the best method to submit a reference as it is linked directly with your application. They can also submit their reference to us via email to references@yorksj.ac.uk

Please be aware, that it is still your responsibility to ensure references are provided to us and note that your application will not be assessed until all required references are in place. If your referee does not have an email address, they may send their reference via the post to Admissions.

Your referees should be someone able to comment on the qualifications/experience you have included in your application, preferably an academic referee. Some courses have particular reference requirements e.g. counselling courses, so please check the information displayed on the screen.

It is not permitted for family, friends, partners or ex-partners to write your reference. If we find this to be the case, your application may be cancelled.


9: Uploading supporting documents

You can upload additional documents to support your application on various pages throughout the application. You may wish to upload details of qualifications, scans of certificates or transcripts, supporting letters, your visas and/or passport. There are no mandatory uploads except for MA Creative Writing which requires a sample of your work (see the programme page for more details).

Upload sections can be found on the Qualification page, the Personal Statement/Research Proposal page and the final Declaration page. They look similar to the image below and give you the opportunity to browse for the appropriate file on your computer and upload it to your application.

Upload section from online application

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10: Checklist and Declaration

The final page of the application will show if you have fully completed all the mandatory fields - green ticks will be displayed against those section that are completed. Where sections are not complete, you can click back and enter the information.

Once you are happy that your application is finished, tick the 'Declaration' box and click the ‘submit application’ button. Automatic emails will now be sent to your referees to request references for you, but please remember to check that they respond to them.

You will receive an email from us to confirm you have successfully submitted your application. If you do not receive this, log back into your application and check that you have actually submitted it.


11: What happens next?

Your application will now be processed by the Admissions office and once the references have been received, it will be forwarded for assessment.

You will receive an email from us when each of your referees submit their references - if you have not received this within 7 days of submitting your application, we recommend you contact your outstanding referee(s).

When we have a decision on your application, we will contact you by email. If you have any questions during this time, please contact us on admissions@yorksj.ac.uk


12: Troubleshooting

If you have forgotten your password, you can click the ‘forgotten password’ link on the login screen. Follow the instructions on screen and you will be sent a temporary password to allow you to log in to your application.

If you have forgotten your Username, you can log in by using your Usercode instead which is provided in the email sent to you when you either save or submit your application. If you have further problems logging in, please contact Admissions on 01904 876598 or admissions@yorksj.ac.uk (and quote your Usercode if possible).

If you are a current York St John student, you will need to log out completely of your student account in order to access the online application.

Remember to check the help text within the application itself, indicated by a blue question mark. Simply hover your cursor over the symbol for the a help text to appear.

If you experience problems or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on admissions@yorksj.ac.uk or on 01904 876598.

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