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PGCE Secondary RE

Interview Day

It is usual to have the interview day at one of our partnership schools, and a typical day might be organised as follows but will vary with each interview and partnership school.

Time  Activity
8.45am Applicants will arrive at the chosen partnership school
9.00am Tour of the school
9.45am Refreshment break
10.00am Applicants will deliver a short teaching task to staff, pupil panel and peers
11.30am Interview with pupil panel and individual interviews with staff
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Individual and group activity
3.15pm Reflection activity
4.45pm End of the day



In preparation for the interview day we ask that you complete the documents attached to your invite e-mail and bring these to the interview with you:

  • Prior achievement booklet (to consider how your prior experience might support you in a teaching role)
  • Subject Knowledge Audit
  • Breakdown of degree content

You should also come prepared to discuss how your subject area is taught as part of the curriculum. 


Teaching Activity Information and Guidelines

As part of the interview you will be expected to deliver a short teaching/interaction activity to staff, the pupil panel and peers.  The pupil panel will consist of a group of between 6 to 10 pupils.

For this activity you should choose any aspect of your subject to teach for 10-15 minutes.  You will need to lead this learning activity with the pupil panel.

You are advised to keep the following points in mind when preparing for this task:

  • Aim to use the full 10-15 minutes, although you will be stopped if you exceed this time.
  • You are not limited in terms of specific topic or content.
  • You will be expected to engage and interact with pupils, and demonstrate the ability to facilitate learning.
  • You will not have access to a computer and/or projection equipment but may bring other resources if you wish.


More Information

For further information on PGCE Secondary Religious Education and interviews please see: