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Youth and Community Work BA (Hons)

Interview Day

Applicants are asked to arrive by 9 am, followed by a welcome talk about various facets of the university and a tour of the campus.

The interview in the afternoon will be in three parts:

  • Short introduction to the course by the Head of Programme.
  • A group work activity with a member of academic staff from the programme.  This is designed to be fun, indoor activity and you do not need to prepare for this or bring any special clothing.  It will include talking and discussing a contemporary youth issue with other students and is not a written activity or a test of everything you know about young people!  This is included as Youth and Community Workers often work with groups of people and because of this, a core part of the teaching and learning on the BA (Hons) Youth and Community Work takes place within a group context. We are looking for people who are willing to participate, who can work collaboratively, who are able to reflect on issues and are open to considering other peoples points of view or new ideas.  
  • Individual interview with the Head of Programme or a Senior Lecturer from the course, plus a representative from the wider programme partnership.



In the interview we will discuss your application along with your prior experience and what you have gained from this.  We are interested in your views, for example of equalities issues concerning young people and your views on working professionally with young people, children and communities.  As fieldwork placements form a major part of the programme in each year we will ask if you have any particular interests and consider how these might relate to future placements or study.


Interest in the development and learning of young people or communities

We are interested in what you been involved in, what you have learned from your experience/s e.g. about the interests and needs of the group/s or individuals you have been involved with.  Youth and Community work in concerned with development and growth: young people’s personal and social development, community development and informal learning.  It is helpful to include in your personal statement how you have contributed to others development and learning.  If you have any practical skills or interests e.g. youth arts, detached youth work, youth activity programmes, peer mentoring; sport, working with young men or young women, do include these in your personal statement


Awareness of equality and oppression

Youth and Community work in concerned with enabling people to develop and therefore concerned with barriers to this, striving to work in anti-oppressive ways.  This is explored at interview and where you have experience of this, please include in your supporting statement.  We recognise that not everyone has worked explicitly in this area and we are looking for awareness and openness to learning about diversity.


Commitment to working in a team and to professional standards

We are looking for evidence of working alongside other leaders / staff as part of team over a period of time.  Enthusiasm, commitment; reliability, initiative and integrity are all important professional qualities for being part of team as are awareness of professional matters such as safety.  It is helpful to mention the kinds of roles or responsibilities you have undertaken.


Evidence of direct work with young people or in a community setting

We are looking for evidence of working directly (or face to face) with children, young people or in a community context.  We explore this with you at interview, because working with people forms part of the formal degree assessment in each el of the programme and 50% of this assessment is of your work with young people aged 13 - 19.


Prior experience

We are not looking for a particular setting for your experience/s and you can include a voluntary organisation, large or small charity, afterschool club, youth project or faith based organisation.  You may have worked in a more formal context such as a school, housing organisation, health project, targeted service or youth offending team. 


Both paid and voluntary experience is taken into account.

Your experience may be in one setting e.g. and if so, please include the range of tasks you have been involved in.  Your experience may be across 2 or 3 different settings e.g. work experience, volunteering and as a senior member of an organisation / group. 

Please show prior experience of least 26 days / equivalent to one day a week.   We would like to see at least 6 months between the start of your first work based experience and later experience and this can be over a longer, more intermittent period or continuously for 6 months. 


More Information

To prepare we suggest applicants read the Code of Ethics developed by the Institute of Youth Work and National Youth Agency via the link below and also reflect on what they have learned from their prior experiences  such as relevant paid or voluntary work or work placements.

For further information on Youth and Community Work and interviews please see: