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Downloads & Resources

There are loads of resources for using Moodle which are available on the web. The Moodle community contains a plethora of links, as does YouTube and SlideShare. To get you started, we've created some of our own resources below which we think you might find useful.

Skills sheets & e-Bytes

Below you will find a series of printable guides and demonstrational videos (e-Bytes) which cover a range of key skills you will require when using Moodle.

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The Basics:

Getting started & logging in

Making your course unavailable to students

Creating an account - external users 

Changing to a new course layout (new in 2.3)



Moodle Assignments Handbook 

Submitting an assignment

Using a Marking Guide (new in 2.3)


Resources & Activities:

Renaming a resource or activity (new in 2.3)

Drag and Drop Upload of Files  (new in 2.3 - Chrome or Firefox required)

Creating a folder of files

Using the Book Module (new in 2.3)

Duplicating Resources (new in 2.3)


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Are you a tutor and new to using Moodle?

If you are new to using Moodle, we recommend booking on one of our training sessions or contacting the Technology Enhanced Learning team directly. Otherwise, take a look below at some of our key Skill Sheets and e-Bytes.


Our 2.0 - 2.2 resources