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Turnitin - Originality report, e-Submission and online marking

TurnitinUK is a plagiarism detection and electronic assignment submission web-service that enables HE institutions to carry out a comparison of student's work against electronic sources.

The service can be accessed via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Moodle. York St John University hopes that this service will be a valuable support tool for staff and students in their efforts to prevent and detect plagiarism. For more information, see the YSJ policy on the use of Turnitin


  1. Turnitin (via Moodle) Tutor Manual pdf file icon - about creating and managing assignments, and using the Originality Report
  2. Grademark Tutor Manual - about grading and marking assignments online
  3. Turnitin (via Moodle) Student Manual pdf file icon - about submitting work and accessing feedback and grades
  4. TurnitinUK Video Tutorials on Vimeo

Note: These are Turnitin's own guides. Some instructions may vary for York St John. Please contact the TEL team if you need further help.

How can Turnitin be used at YSJU?

Electronic detection software like TurnitinUK does not make decisions about the intention of unoriginal work, nor does it determine if unoriginal content is incorrectly cited or indeed plagiarised. It simply highlights sections of text that have been found in other sources to allow you to make an evaluation.

There are three ways it can be used at YSJU:

  • A student can freely and privately submit a piece of work for self-testing through our central plagiarism course area.  A tutor will have no access to work submitted through this module.
  • A tutor may enable TurnitinUK within a particular module section in Moodle and may encourage or require students to submit work for electronic self-checking.  This may be used to help students develop powers of citation on a formative basis.  A tutor will then be able to permit a final submission of a piece of work. Tutors will need to enable students and staff to see originality reports.
  • If a tutor identifies a potential plagiarism case or extensive mis-citation, he or she may use TurnitinUK to review the work.  The originality report may be used as evidence to follow up through plagiarism disciplinary procedures.  Students have been alerted to this possibility.

It is not intended to be YSJ policy to collect all work electronically and to submit all student work as a matter of routine to TurnitinUK prior to marking.

See the YSJ policy on the use of Turnitin for more information.

Benefits for staff

  • Quickly and easily run checks on your students' work
  • Promote academic integrity
  • Aid in improving / standardising disciplinary procedures
  • Highlight poor / sloppy writing and research skills
  • Highlight inappropriate / inadequate assessment practice
  • Provoke discussion and debate
  • Deter plagiarism and collusion

Benefits for students

  • Quickly and easily run checks on your work (provided your tutor has added a Turnitin assignment)
  • Get 'Originality Reports' to help you identify where your work may be at risk of incorrectly referenced content
  • Highlight poor / sloppy writing and research skills so you can revise and improve your work before final submission
  • Help improve your standard of academic writing