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Turnitin Policy

York St John University has bought the licence to use TurnitinUK with the following purposes,

  • To provide students with support for identifying and avoiding possible plagiarism
  • To provide an additional tool to support tutors in teaching appropriate referencing
  • To provide tutors with a tool to assist in detecting plagiarised material

The University will provide a freely and privately accessible method for students to test their own written material through Turntitin. This will be accessed through a course within Moodle. Any material  to this self-checking mechanism will not be accessed  by tutors unless with the individual student’s permission.

The University will provide support for students who are concerned about the referencing as a result of using Turnitin. The website support for Turnitin will direct students to Study Development, and the Academic Technologies Trainer (Annette Webb).

Tutors using Turnitin in the context of a module section on Moodle will advise students that this process is being undertaken. Turntin will normally be used formatively in the context of a module and there should, therefore, normally be opportunities for final submission of a revised piece of work.

Tutors will not routinely and secretly submit all of a group’s work for checking and/or run all final submissions through Turnitin for checking.

Students will be told (normally at entry to the university through the regulations) that individual pieces of work suspected of plagiarism may be submitted to Turnitin as part of the investigation process.

Tutors may use Turnitin to check a student’s work for potential plagiarism where this is suspected. If this is done, he or she will present the originality report to the students for comment alongside the original work when they invoke the university’s disciplinary procedures.

Students will be advised to use only their student identifier in submitting work though Turnitin and to avoid any details which will compromise their privacy. They will be advised that the work may be retained under the university’s name in the Turnitin database and may be used for disciplinary investigations concerning other students after they have left the University.

If a tutor is asked by another user (internal or external)  of Turnitin to supply a copy of  a past or present student’s work, he or she should consult the Registrar. If the user is internal, the Registrar will normally grant permission for the sharing of such data.

The Registrar will consider giving permission to an external user if the work is necessary to establish academic misconduct . If permission is given, the recipient will be asked to confirm in writing the purpose for which the paper is required, commit him or herself to preserving the confidentiality of the material and the destruction of the material on completion of an investigation.