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2026 Strategy

Our mission

Driven by our commitment to fairness, we focus our expertise, talents and creativity to advance knowledge, promote understanding and create educational opportunities for the benefit of all.

With pride in our heritage, we look to the future by learning from our experience.

We were founded as a teacher training college in 1841, born out of a socially conscious, ethical conviction: that sharing education is a route to a fairer world.

Our motto – that our students should have life and have it more abundantly, is as relevant now as it has always been.

Today, the role we play has evolved, but our core contribution endures: Education still is a force for the possible. It releases human potential.

When we use education to advance knowledge, promote understanding and create new opportunities, we foster deeper human connections.

We bring people together.

We enhance empathy and encourage critical thinking.

These things are as important today as they have ever been.

Our mission reflects that.

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