Room Locations

All room locations within the University are spilt into two parts, the first part is the building code (letters) and the second part is the room within the building (numbers).

The first number is the floor of the building and then the final two numbers complete the room number. 

Here is an example of how it works:

Room code: DG227 is broken down into DG - De Grey Court,  227 - Second floor room 227. 

There is internal signage in each of the building to help you find the correct room. 

The following table is a list of all the building on campus and their two letter building code.

Building Code

Building Name

CD Cordukes Building
CP The Chapel
DG De Grey
DT Design Centre
FS Foss
FT Fountains Learning Centre
HG Holgate
MB Music Block
RW (NW) Ripon Wing  (formerly New Wing)
PH Phoenix Centre
QE Quad East
QN Quad North
QS Quad South
QW Quad West
SK Skell
SU Student Union
TU Temple Units
WT Wilmott Wing
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