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Our green university

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is key to carbon reduction on-site. A long term programme of work to improve the energy efficiency of our facilities has been implemented.

Energy efficiency certificates for our buildings:

Waste and recycling

With over 6,500 students and 600 members of staff, York St John makes a significant impact on the City's environment. The Energy and Environmental team is committed to leading York St John in managing and reducing this impact.

Zero Waste to Landfill

All waste produced by York St John is diverted from landfill. The waste is segregated into recyclables, which is reused as a commodity, and general waste which is processed to create Refuse Derived Fuel and disposed of at Ferry Bridge Power station to generate energy.

Food Waste

Lord Mayor's Walk and off-campus residence food waste is sent to the Maltings Organic plant in South Milford, where it is converted into electricity and, as a by-product, low-carbon fertiliser which is sold locally. 

Green Waste

Green waste from all of our sites is recycled either by our Grounds Team on site or by Biffa who dispose of the waste at Harewood Whin. There it is processed to create compost which is sold locally.

Battery recycling

Batteries are also separated for recycling in bins dotted around the campus. A large battery recycling bin can be found at the Porters Lodge.

Our catering

We are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing. We have a range of partnerships and projects underway. 

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