Social Innovation

Social innovation is the term that has been adopted at York St John University to include all the ideas, processes, policies, practices and structures that help us create social value to our internal and external communities. Social innovation is a dynamic process as well as a goal. It involves addressing social needs, empowering groups and individuals and developing a socially aware community committed to making a difference. It is also a statement of intent in terms of our mindset and disposition towards making a positive contribution. A more in depth discussion of the definition of Social Innovation is provided on other pages

Whilst retaining the relatively widely used language of social innovation, there is a shift towards ‘public engagement’ as a leading discourse. This term is widely used in Universities. This is especially the case where there is a research dimension that includes public engagement in the bidding process. Many universities employ a public engagement officer/manager/co-ordinator/facilitator/assistant/associate/lead …. You will see a new box below that develops this strand.

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