George Coombs

Governor, SU President

George Coombs, Students' Union President

George Coombs is the President of the Student’s Union and for the past three years has been highly involved in the workings of not only the Union but the University as well. From the outset George found a passion for Higher Education and a holistic value of the student experience. Whilst his time at University was spent predominately in the studio focusing on his Fine Art and Contemporary Practice degree, George threw himself into various aspects of University life; such as entertainment, charity and fundraising, sport and bridging stronger links between the University and the Union. As President George sits on the Governing Body as a student representative, ensuring the student voice is accounted for. He looks forward to his time with the Governing Body, building upon the foundation that has been present for many years between the students and York St. John University. 

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York St John University Students' Union

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