Mission, Values and Vision

The university experience is unique to every student. With different backgrounds, passions and opinions, we believe it is essential that each student has the opportunity to develop their views and their voice.

We pride ourselves in our community here at York St John University. It’s a close-knit, inclusive place that offers a lot more than a degree certificate. With official ‘Sanctuary’ status, we see our role as something bigger than an education provider.

We’ve been endorsed for our inclusive offer scheme and are recognised nationally for making higher education accessible to those who may not feel that university is a possibility for them. 

Our role in the city of York is one we take seriously. Many of our students engage directly with the wider community across so many different levels. From prison partnerships to working with disabled athletes, military rehabilitation to free creative courses for mental health service users – we fight to remove the hurdles that prevent participation.

Many of our academics are also activists, taking on the challenges of the modern world head on. Our community takes an active stand against climate change, prejudice and inequality and we will only ever increase our efforts. We see our students as the changemakers and influencers of tomorrow. Our mission is to ensure that the learning environment they need to make a difference is safe, exciting, inclusive and inspirational.

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