Bipolar Disorder

How can DSA support me if I have Bipolar Disorder?

Do you experience any of the following difficulties when studying?

  • Maintaining concentration and attention
  • Side effects from medication such as drowsiness and nausea
  • Low motivation and self- confidence
  • Fatigue from disturbed sleeping pattern and medication
  • Higher levels of absence
  • Organising your thoughts and planning your workload
  • Intrusive thoughts and worries
  • Difficulties managing stressful periods such as exams or deadlines

DSA could help by providing you with:

  • A financial contribution towards a computer if you needed any software to help with planning and note taking
  • Software to assist with organising your thoughts and ideas
  • Weekly sessions with a mentor to assist with stress management and prioritisation of academic work
  • A way to audio record the lectures and seminars to ensure you have all the information
  • Advice and guidance (with your permission) to your tutors at the university to help them understand and accommodate your difficulties

The support package you receive through DSA is based on your particular needs and course requirements, so it is tailor made for you.  For more information contact:

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