How to end death by PowerPoint, with Dr David Roberts.

Date: Friday 19 January 2018
Time 1: Morning session: 09:00 - 12:00
Time 2: Afternoon session (repeat): 13:00 - 16:00
Room: FT/216

Image of a teapot pouring words into a mug-shaped head that has a plant growing from it.Engagement is high on the national and international agenda for lecturers, but the large group lecture format is often criticized for being disengaging – with some justification.  Academics increasingly remark on how hard it is to keep students’ attention, yet without knowing it, we are missing an invaluable opportunity to transform that situation.

We’re joined by Dr. David Roberts, a Senior Fellow of the HEA and a published specialist on visual learning, who will deliver another stimulating workshop on how our students’ brains benefit at the cognitive level from adopting the use of images in our teaching. David will talk us through recent Cambridge University Press-published Multimedia Learning (MML) scholarship that reminds us, simply, that we learn better from words and images than words alone because we are ‘dual processors’ of knowledge. And because this is about cognition, not content, it applies in all disciplines.

University lecturing is out of sync with our students’ outer (social) and inner (cognitive) worlds. Our students are the most visually-informed generation in human history, yet we teach mainly with words when we’re equipped to learn with words and imagery. We can engage imagery to match those inner and outer words readily and create more engaging, stimulating and active-learning-orientated lectures.

This invaluable workshop, the content of which is recognised by the Higher Education Academy, will help anyone wanting to tune their teaching to their students’ learning, enhance student engagement and organically stimulate active learning processes.


The International Community of Practice website for David's work can be found at 


Watch David's TEDx talk: Visual feasts of the mind: matching how we teach to how we learn


Roberts, D. (2017) The engagement agenda, multimedia learning and the use of images in higher education lecturing: or, how to end death by PowerPoint, Journal of Further and Higher EducationDOI: 10.1080/0309877X.2017.1332356


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Exploring and Measuring Learning Gain, with Dr Sonia Ilie.

Date: Wednesday 21st March 2018
Time: 11:00-14:30
Room: SK/037

The Teaching Excellence Framework has re-focused existing efforts to improve student learning in higher education in interesting ways, one of which emphasises the measurement of learning. This workshop will explore a newly-developed conceptual framework for learning gain, and then introduce the associated measurement instrument (a survey-based tool composed of self-report items as well as test-like elements). It will offer the opportunity for critique and debate as to the usefulness of this framework and instrument, and other such tools, for understanding learning across different courses, degrees, and disciplines, and also for exploring their potential for driving specific interventions to improve student learning.

The session will be facilitated by Dr Sonia Ilie, the main researcher on the Cambridge Strand of LEGACY, a HEFCE-funded research project to explore learning gain in higher education.


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