Open Badges at YSJ

What are Open Badges

Open Badges are a new online standard for recognising and verifying learning – we like to think of them as Cubs, Scouts, or Brownies badges for the digital age ☺

Individuals can earn badges for the things they learn, both online and offline, and then display them in their Backpack, or on their website or social media profiles. With Open Badges, every badge is full of information. Each one has important data built in that links back to the issuer, the criteria it was issued under and evidence verifying the credential.

Institutions and organisations can issue badges as recognition for the things they teach. Open Badges is not proprietary – it’s free software and an open technical standard. Open Badges are designed, built and backed by a broad community of contributors, including NASA, Disney, Intel, and many more. The open source model means that improvements made by one partner can benefit everyone, from bug fixes to new features.

How do Open Badges Work?

Open Badges could be issued by institutions to verify students digital literacy skills or employability attributes, and teams like ours could use them to verify academic staff eLearning skills.

Moodle has built-in support for Open Badges, which would allow us to issue badges directly through Moodle, something which we are keen to explore.

If you would like to use Open Badges please contact the TEL team:


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