Video for Teaching and Learning

The use of video, audio & multimedia has become more mainstream in HE teaching, learning and assessment in recent times. This is in part due to the accessibility and ease of use of equipment and software, but also due to the growing realisation of the pedagogic benefits of video content. Here are some ways you could use video for your teaching and learning:

  • Record content for an online or ‘flipped’ course
  • Record an interview
  • Create a video introduction to a course or topic
  • Demonstrate a tool, technique, process, or software (screencast)
  • Record lectures/presentations for revision
  • Capture a recording with a green screen or PowerPoint slides
  • Create a Microlecture
  • Record assessment guidelines for students
  • Review/Present a journal article or text book
  • Record module evaluation feedback

Here in the TEL team we have a range of video equipment & software, including; video camera, HDMI capture device, microphone, lights, chromakey green screen, and screencasting software. We are able to help staff create a wide range of video content for use in teaching, learning & assessment. For more information or help contact the TEL team: 

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