Admissions Policy


The Admissions Policy (the Policy) provides the basis for admissions practice across the University. The specific aims are to:

  • Identify the principles and a common approach for management of the admissions process, which is fit for purpose for all relevant applicant groups and is informed by good practice.
  • Articulate the roles and responsibilities of each part involved in the admissions process
  • Ensure the compliance of the University’s admissions process with the QAA Code of Practice

The good practice principles and ethos identified in this document apply equally to all categories of applicants who submit an application to study at University, though the university recognises that, for particular study opportunities, some aspects of the detailed guidance may not be relevant to an individual application.

Responsibility for compliance with the Admissions Policy and Procedures lies with individual members of staff, either in a central or faculty role, who have a role to play in the admittance of students into the institution. All staff with admissions responsibility must be familiar with the Policy, and associated Procedures relevant to their areas of responsibility. The University will provide admissions staff with appropriate guidance, training and support.

Section 1 – The Admissions Policy for the admission of students


Section 2 – The Procedures and guidelines to support the implementation of the University’s Admissions Policy are updated annually as a separate document, and are issued to staff separately. (Please refer any enquiries to Admissions)

Admissions Policy 2010-16 (PDF, 178kB)

Admissions Procedures (PDF, 0.1MB)