Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Admissions?

Full contact details can be found at Contact Us.

How do I request a prospectus?

You can request an undergraduate prospectus from us in a number of ways:

  • Fill in the online prospectus request form
  • Email with your full name, postal address and which programme you are interested in
  • Call our prospectus hotline on 01904 876850 and, speaking clearly, leave your full name, postal address and which programme you are interested in

    Please be aware that we no longer produce a postgraduate or international prospectus. The best source of information about these programmes is via our website.

How do I book onto an Open Day or Campus Tour?

You can book onto Open Days or Campus Tours via our website.



Can I be reconsidered for a programme that I have already applied for?

If you have had an application declined for a particular programme then you cannot apply again for that programme in the same academic year. You can however submit another application for a different programme in the same academic year or reapply for the original programme in the next academic year.

Can I study a programme online instead of attending the University?

There is no option to study via distance learning other than for the Leading Innovation & Change MA. Attendance on site is required throughout for all other programmes.

Do you conduct applicant interviews for every programme as part of your selection process?

No - we usually only conduct interviews for Physiotherapy BHSc (Hons), Occupational Therapy BHSc (Hons), Fine Arts BA (Hons), Primary Education BA (Hons), PGCE and some postgraduate Counselling programmes.

Do you accept transfers to your University from another?

Transfer requests are assessed on a case by case basis and in order to consider a request we will require:

  • A full, detailed academic transcript, including results
  • A full, detailed breakdown of all of the qualifications you have obtained (including GCSEs)
  • The name of the programme you are looking to transfer to

This information should be emailed to Once we have received all of the above we will be able to consider the information and advise you further.

How do I request to change my programme?

Applicant - you need to email Admissions to request a change of programme. We will consider your request and email back to advise whether the change is possible and what, if anything, you are required to do.

Current Student at YSJ – you need to email Registry, and they will be able to advise you further.

How do I withdraw my application?

If you want to withdraw from JUST York St John you need to contact us in writing to request this, regardless of your method of application. If you have applied through UCAS/GTTR and wish to withdraw from ALL of your choices you can log in to your account and do this via Track. Also, please email Admissions to advise us that you are withdrawing your application.

How do I request to defer my place?

If you want to defer your place at York St John you need to contact us in writing to request this, regardless of your method of application. Each request for deferral will be considered individually.

Please note that by deferring your place you are changing your start date and NOT your offer deadlines. All offer conditions must still be met by the deadlines stated in your offer.

What do I do if any of my personal details change, such as address, contact number or email?

If you have applied through UCAS/GTTR log on to Track and amend your details there. In addition, and for anyone who has applied to us direct, please also email Admissions so that we can ensure your record is kept up-to-date.

Where can I find out what the tuition fees are?

Please visit the Money Matters section of our website for any questions you may have on fees and funding.

I have had problems that have affected my study and possibly my results. What do I do?

If you believe you have exceptional circumstances that may have affected your study/results please email and provide as much information as possible. Also ask your school/college to write to us to provide details of the circumstances and what, if any, consideration has already been granted. If there are any medical issues please also ask your GP or consultant to write to us.


How do I apply for an undergraduate programme?

Details on applying for an undergraduate programme are available on our website.

How do I apply for a full-time PGCE programme?

Details on applying for a full-time PGCE programme are available on our website.

How do I apply for a part-time/postgraduate programme?

Please visit the relevant programme webpage where you will find either a link to an online application form or be able to download an application form. If there is no link available please email and request an application form.

What is the deadline for submitting an application?

Important deadlines and dates to remember are listed on our website.

What do I do if my personal statement does not fully relate to the programme I have applied for?

You may email a separate personal statement to us at We strongly recommend you send this to us as soon as you have submitted your application. 

What do I do if I forgot to include qualifications in my application or stated the wrong result?

As soon as you realise this you should email to advise us of the omission(s)/error(s).

How are applications processed by York St John?

Details on how we process applications are available as part of the Admissions Policy.

How do I receive an update on my application?

If you have applied via UCAS/GTTR application updates will show on Track. You will also receive updates/decisions via email.
If you have applied to us directly then you will receive updates/decisions via email.

When will I hear from YSJ University with a decision on my UCAS application, submitted by the 15 January?

Important deadlines and dates to remember are listed on our website.


I do not have Maths or Science GCSE. Do you accept anything else?

For some programmes we do. Please check the relevant programme webpage or email for clarification.

Do you accept Functional Skills instead of a GCSE?

We do not accept Functional Skills English for any programme and we do not accept Maths for programmes needing GCSE Maths.

What are the minimum number of A Levels you will accept?

The University's minimum entry requirements are listed in the Admissions Policy.

Do you accept UCAS points from AS Levels?

We will only accept UCAS points from AS Level subjects that have not been continued on to A Level.

What A Level subjects do you accept?

We accept all A Level subjects for all programmes with the exception of Physiotherapy that does not accept General Studies.

Please check the relevant programme webpages to see if any specific A Level subjects/grades form part of the entry requirements for a programme.

How do I decide which A Level/AS Level subjects to drop?

Unless a specific subject forms part of the entry requirements for a programme it would not matter to us which subjects you decide to drop as. However, we would always advise that you stick with the course that you do best at and enjoy the most, as this way you are more likely to get the grades you need.

Please ensure you contact everywhere you are thinking of applying to as institutions subject requirements differ.

How do I find out whether my qualifications attract UCAS points?

Please visit the UCAS website to view the full list of qualifications that attract points.

Do you accept NVQ Level 3 qualifications?

Although NVQs do not carry UCAS tariff points as they are a level three qualification we will consider some. However, we would need to know a little bit more about the NVQ you have or are taking before we can make a decision. Please email  with details such as the awarding body, how you were examined (exams, supervisor reports, etc.) and how many guided learning hours are included in the qualification.

What GCSE equivalencies are accepted at York St John University?

Please click the link below for our list of accaptable GCSE equivalents.


Acceptable GCSE Equivalencies (DOCX,30KB)


What certificates do you require?

In your offer conditions it will state which certificates we wish to see. If the offer asks for all certificates this means we need to see a certificate for each qualification that you have made us aware of (including GCSEs). These always need to be the original certificates. Statement of results and photocopies are not acceptable.

When do I have to provide you with my qualification certificates?

Please refer to your offer conditions as this will state a deadline by which you must provide your certificates.

We would advise to check as soon as you receive an offer from York St John that you have all of your original certificates, and provide them to us as soon as you can.

By doing this early on in the process you will be able to take action if you are missing any certificates.

If I have not got original certificates what else do you accept?

If you do not have the original certificates you can do either of the following:

Contact the school/college/university where you took your examinations and ask them to email directly to verify the results

Contact the examining body and request either a record of results or a duplicate certificate

Where do I bring/send my certificates to?

In person – make your way to the Holgate Building reception and advise the receptionist that you are bringing in your certificates for Admissions

By post – Admissions, York St John University, Lord Mayor's Walk, York, YO31 7EX. We strongly recommend that you use a postal tracking service. We return certificates to you via Recorded Delivery.

Clearance Checks

Where can I find out more information about the DBS and Medical checks?

Further information can be found on our DBSs & Medicals page.

I already have a DBS Enhanced Disclosure so do I need to complete another one?

In short – Yes! DBS Disclosures are not transferable so you need to complete a new one for our programme. This will be one of your offer conditions.

Do I have to complete the ISA registration boxes on my DBS application form?

No - please leave these blank as they are no longer a requirement.

You have already seen original documents to confirm my identity – do I need to send them again with my completed DBS form?

Not if we have already seen your documents at interview. If you are unsure please contact Admissions and they will be able to advise you if they have your all the neccessary details on file.

If you are sending us original identity documents we strongly recommend that you use a postal tracking service (check the postage details and compensation) as we cannot be responsible for any documents lost in the post. We return documents to you via Recorded Delivery

Primary Education and PGCE

Do you accept a BTEC First Certificate in Science?

No - we do accept the BTEC First Diploma in Science or any of the other equivalencies mentioned on the programme webpage.

Do you accept a 3rd class degree?

3rd class degrees will not be considered for our full-time PGCE programme. They will only be considered for the part-time PGCE programme if you hold a Higher Level Teaching Assistant qualification.

Can I complete the 2 weeks (10 days) work experience after I have applied?

Further information can be found on our School Based Experience page.

Does the work 2 weeks work experience need to be completed in a school or can this requirement be covered by undertaking other experience?

Further information can be found on our page.

Do I need an A-level in the subject area I wish to apply for?

Yes, we require subject knowledge and the appropriate A-level in order to consider an application for the relevant PGCE course.

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