Choosing what course to study

When you leave school, you have had a handful of subjects in which you have studied, Geography, Music, Technology etc. Undergraduate study is about learning how to specialise in a chosen field. So, for example, lets say your favourite subject at school is History. You will find dozens of different courses that do ‘History’ – today (October 2018) I am getting 140 different institutions that do a degree involving History. That is a lot to look through.

Now, you love History, but your favourite part of History is studying about Ancient History. So, you type ‘Ancient History’, which today provides 38 institutions that does an undergraduate degree involving elements of Ancient History.

While you enjoyed History at school, you also have an interest in Art in your private time, and wonder what Art there was in Ancient History. So adding ‘Art’ to ‘Ancient History’ gives us 5 institutions with a total of 10 possible courses.

In this scenario, choosing a course from 5 different universities is a lot simpler than having to choose over 50,000 courses. Why not click on to visit UCAS, and try a few subject searches and see what you find?

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