Terminology and Jargon

Applying to university for most of you will be a new and daunting experience. To add to the uncertainty, universities will use terminology and jargon that you have not come across before. Here is a useful breakdown of some of the terms you may or may not be familiar with;

Clearing: A time at the end of an application cycle where last minute applications can be made, this starts on the day when A-levels results are released.

Decline: If you have received an offer from a university, but do not wish to accept it, you will decline it.

Entry Requirements: The guidelines of what qualifications you need to be considered for a course. This will be given in UCAS points, please visit the UCAS Tariff Calculator for more information on what your qualifications total up to. Please note that meeting or exceeding an institutions entry requirements does not guarantee a place, it simply meets the criteria in order for you application to be considered.

EPQ: Extended Project, an optional project offered at some schools and colleges which carry UCAS points, please note that the EPQ tariff is similar to an AS level, but not the same, please see the UCAS Tariff Calculator

Non-academic conditions: These are conditions you have to complete in order to obtain a place on a course, which are not qualifications. These may be DBS (criminal history checks), medical checks, or interview attendance to name a few.

Personal Statement: A short description of you! You will need to complete a personal statement in your UCAS application, with a maximum of 4,000 characters (average of 500 words) telling the university why you are a good candidate for the course.

Postgraduate: Academic programmes which lead on from a Bachelor's degree, usually a Masters or a PGCE.

Reference: A statement from another person about you and your abilities. For an undergraduate application from a school leaver, we would expect the reference to be supplied by a previous teacher or tutor.

Release: If you already hold an offer with a university, but would like to withdraw that application but still apply through Clearing, you will asked to be released from you current offer

Transcript: An official list of modules and grades of your previous qualifications

Undergraduate: Academic programmes which lead up to a Bachelor's Degree.

Withdrawal: You wish to remove your application fully from UCAS

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