UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is there for applicants who have used up their 5 applications, and still do not hold an offer – whether you have been rejected or you have declined all your offers. It is open from the 25 February 2019 to 30th June and is a free service for the applicant for an additional course.

You apply using UCAS, once your 5 courses are not holding an offer, UCAS will prompt you to activate Extra, and you will get to choose one more course. If you are choosing a course which differs greatly to the one you originally applied for, you may wish to complete a new personal statement, and contact the university you wish to apply to forward it to them.

Once you are in Extra, if you are unsuccessful with an application, you are able to choose another course after 21 days. It is recommended that if you do not hear about your Extra application within 21 days, you contact the university before making another choice. There is no limit to how many Extra applications you can make while it is open.


And if you are unsuccessful throughout the Extra period – do not panic! You will be able to enter clearing

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