QTS Skills Tests

You are required to pass the QTS skills tests before you start your course. Once you have submitted your application you will be eligible to book the skills tests via the Department of Education website. We strongly encourage you to pass these tests prior to interview, applicants with passed QTS skills tests at interview will be noted.

Practice tests are available Teaching Agency website. You will be required to have passed the DfE's skills tests in numeracy and literacy as one of the conditions of your offer if you have not passed them prior to interview.

Please register and book the skills tests after you have submitted an application.

The tests are managed externally and all questions should be directed to the Skills Test Team at the Teaching Agency.

Contact details

Skills tests helpline - the helpline is open on weekdays from 8.00am to 4.00pm.
T: 0300 303 9613
E: support@sta.learndirect.com

Help and advice passing the tests

Our best advice is to have an attempt at the tests early, and to book a test as soon as you apply for a QTS course. It is very likely that you will pass first time, but if you do not than you will have some experience to call upon for your next two attempts. The applicants that have struggled are those that have not taken a test until their deadline, which leaves little time for a retest and can your first attempt can be quite a shock.

We recommend that besides attempting plenty of practice tests that you look at resources such as the GCSE Bitesize webpages for Maths and English. You may want to consider buying some revision guides, we don't recommend any one but there are plenty available such as:

There are also some very useful videos available from G&A Numerical and others

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