Offer Conditions


All York St John University applicants must have their qualifications verified. We often request confirmation of ALL the qualifications that have been listed on an application form as applications are assessed holistically and offers made based on ALL your qualifications. Notably, the University has minimum requirements of GCSE's and level 3 qualifications and these need to be confirmed as well.

Confirmation of qualifications can be done through the following methods:

  • UCAS verified qualifications for results gained in the year of application
  • Production of original certificates, these can be brought in person to the University or alternatively sent via recorded mail to: Admissions, York St John University, Lord Mayor's Walk, York, YO31 7EX
  • Notification directly from the awarding body, school or college exams officer to or by post, including the name and application ID number of the applicant. We recommend you use recorded delivery if posting certificates and we will return all certificates by the same method the next working day.

We cannot accept photocopies of original certificates or results slips which say 'This is not a certificate' at the bottom.

DBS and Medicals

These need to be completed and returned by the deadline given in your offer. Failure to return completed forms before the deadline may lead to your place being withdrawn.

For more information see DBS and Medicals

School Based Experience

Applicants may be asked to complete additional school based experience as a condition of an offer and are required to evidence this by getting a representative from the school to write or email Admissions directly, confirming the applicants attendance in the school.

QTS Skills Tests

For ITT courses, if you have not passed the QTS Skills Tests at time of your interview, any offer made you will be conditional passing them. You will be asked to pass them by the following deadlines:

  • Primary Education Undergraduate - specific to your offer - see UCAS
  • PGCE 2016 start - specific to your offer - see UTT

We advise you to pass the tests as soon as you can. More information about QTS Skills Test can be found here