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AUP Quick Guide

Acceptable Use of IT Facilities and Systems - Summary

The following is a very brief summary of the main points of the IT Acceptable Use Policy to remind you of the key principles. You are expected to be familiar with the full Acceptable Use Policy for IT Facilities and Systems (March 2018).

  • Identity
    Don’t allow anyone else to use your IT credentials, don’t disguise your online identity and don’t attempt to obtain or use anyone else’s.
  • Infrastructure
    Don’t put the institution’s IT facilities at risk by introducing malware, interfering with hardware or loading unauthorised software.
  • Information
    Don’t abuse copyright material. Safeguard personal data, respect other people’s information and process personal data in accordance with relevant legislation including the GDPR. Remember that not all devices and services are secure or appropriate for all types of information.
  • Behaviour
    Don’t interfere with others’ legitimate use or behave towards others in a way that would not be acceptable in the physical world. Be considerate of others’ needs to use IT facilities for work. Do not use IT facilities to discriminate or act illegally, including the distribution, promotion or expression of extremist views that risk drawing people into terrorism.
  • Governance
    Don’t break the law, do abide by York St John University’s regulations and policies, and do observe the regulations of any third parties whose facilities you access.
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