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Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (MKTP)

Expand management capability and transform business performance.

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The information on this page is also available by downloading our MKTP Innovate Your Business Leaflet (PDF, 0.3 MB)

You can also download an information flyer: mKTP Flyer (PDF, 2.4 MB)

MKTPs deliver key, strategic management-based projects to increase business effectiveness via partnerships with the UK’s outstanding Business Schools.

Equal to our highly effective Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) programme, Management KTPs (MKTPs) create a dynamic 3-way partnership between your company, a team of academic experts here at York St John and a skilled graduate. The focus of an MKTP is specifically on driving effectiveness through better management practices within your company.

MKTPs are heavily subsidised by the Government which aim to deliver transformational productivity improvement, identifying key, strategic management-based projects to increase business effectiveness. How? Via accessing novel and innovative partnerships with York’s world class Business School.

Innovate UK has introduced a new programme designed to inject significant management expertise that expands business capability, increases efficiency and enables lasting change and growth.

The initiative is called a Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (MKTP), and it runs alongside our highly successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme which has been helping companies innovate for growth for over 45 years.

MKTP key benefits:

  • Increase management capability.
  • Up-skill staff and improve productivity.
  • Access to Innovate UK funding.
  • Access high-calibre graduates.

Competition Dates

The table below shows upcoming dates.

RoundOpen dateClose date
KTP Round 1 2021-22 8 February 2021 14 April 2021
KTP Round 2 2021-22 19 April 2021 30 June 2021
KTP Round 3 2021-22 5 July 2021 29 September 2021
KTP Round 4 2021-22 4 October 2021 1 December 2021
KTP Round 5 2021-22 6 December 2021 2 February 2022

Who could benefit from an MKTP?

  • Growth-oriented Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), eager to build and execute their ambitious management strategy by introducing better management practices.
  • Businesses seeking significant productivity gains, recognising that good management and leadership can help deliver this.
  • Organisations looking to up-skill their people and make step-change improvements in productivity by deploying industry-leading practices and innovation processes.

Why engage with York Business School?

The expertise held within our Business School is shared via an MKTP collaboration to help you, our businesses partner, draft and execute practical plans to radically improve their business processes, boost productivity and increase profitability.

This enables SMEs and larger companies to activate proven productivity and growth initiatives - such as benchmarking, application of digital tools, and advanced people skills - the MKTP delivers new capability as part of a comprehensive leadership and management strategy.

Result? Your business can sustainably scale-up and grow; and larger companies can incorporate better business processes to improve productivity.

How do I apply for an MKTP?

If you think a MKTP could help your company increase its productivity contact one of our expert Knowledge Transfer Advisers. They can help assess whether your management project is appropriate for funding through Innovate UK and help you with your application. Once your application is approved, your Adviser will be on hand throughout your project to help guide and support it and help ensure its success.

What does an MKTP cost?

The cost of a MKTP is shared by you and Innovate UK who contributes 50-67% of the project cost via a grant to the Business School (or other academic institution). You make a cash contribution for the remaining project cost with a small-to-medium business contributing 33% and a large business 50% per annum. Management KTP projects can last between 12 months to three years depending on the complexity of the project.

Get in touch today

We can help understand your project requirements and eligibility, identify the right academic experts. We will support you with the development of your proposal and grant application, manage recruitment of the right associate(s), and support you throughout the project right through to completion.

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