Policies and Documents

Below you will be able to find all the documents you will need during your time living in student accommodation with us. You will be able to download the documents and read through them in your own time, we do recommend taking the time to read through these and make yourself aware of them.

All personal information gathered and held by York St John University is treated with the care and confidentiality required by the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (GDPR); UK Data Protection Bill (when enforced).

In line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please familiarise yourself with the Accommodation Services Privacy Notice which sets out how York St John University Accommodation Services uses and protects information that is collected during your accommodation application.

Privacy Notice (PDF 0.3MB)

Accommodation Allocation Policy

This policy relates to the allocation of rooms in York St John University owned or managed accommodation.

The Accommodation Allocation Policy for 2019/20 can be downloaded below: 

Allocation Policy 19/20 (PDF 0.2MB)

The Accommodation Allocation Policy for 2018/19 can be downloaded below: 

Allocation Policy 18/19 (PDF 0.2MB)

Under 18's Accommodation Policy

The under 18’s policy will apply to students housed in University owned or managed accommodation, whose 18th birthday falls after the first day of the Residence Agreement of their year of entry to the University.

The Under 18's Accommodation Policy for 2019/20 can be downloaded below: 

Under 18's Accommodation Policy 19/20 (PDF 0.3MB)


The Under 18's Accommodation Policy for 2018/19 can be downloaded below: 

Under 18's Accommodation Policy 18/19 (PDF 0.3MB)

Accommodation Agreement

It is important that you have read through and understood your Accommodation Agreement as it is an important, legally binding document.

By accepting this agreement you are accepting the full terms and conditions included in it. You are also committing to the whole period of residence, so you may face charges or be liable for the full years accommodation fees if you terminate your agreement early.

We recommend that you download your contract and keep it safe in case you need to refer to it in the future.

You can download the 2019/20 Accommodation Agreement below:

Accommodation Agreement 2019/20 (PDF 0.3MB)

You can download the 2018/19 Accommodation Agreement below: 

Accommodation Agreement 2018/19 (PDF 0.1MB)

Student Accommodation Handbook

The Student Accommodation Handbook outlines all the information you will need to know while living in our Student Accommodation. We recommend that you take the time to go through and read this as this outlines the expectations we have of you.

You can download the 2018/19 Student Accommodation Handbook below: 

Student Accommodation Handbook 2018/19 (PDF 1.7 MB)

Breaches of Accommodation Agreement

Below you will find the breakdown for Breaches of contract you will also be able to make your self aware with the different stages that we have, dependant on the breach.

You can download the 2018/19 Breaches of Accommodation Agreement below: 

Breaches of Accommodation Agreement 2018/19 (PDF 76 kb)

University Owned or Managed Accommodation Rent Breakdown

You will be able to find the yearly and quarterly rent breakdowns for each site and room style. Please keep in mind that the first payment will have the £200 deposit that you paid deducted.

You can download the 2018/19 Rent Breakdown below:

Rent breakdown 2018/19 (PDF 0.2 MB)

The Room Move Policy

You will be able to find the full policy on applying for a room move; it will outline the policy that you will need to follow when submitting an application.

You can download the 2018/19 Room Move Policy below:

Room Move Policy (PDF 0.2 MB)

The Early Departure Policy

You will find everything you need to know surrounding an early departure from your accommodation, please make sure you are aware of how the policy works.

You can download teh 2018/19 Early Departure Policy below:

Early Departure Policy 2018/19 (PDF 0.1 MB)

Returning Students, Accommodation Registering your Interest

In order to allow prospective students the same accommodation guarantee we offered to you for your first year, we do need to limit the number of returning students we can accept into our accommodation. Subsequently, allocations will only be offered to those with a significant reason for requiring it.

Section 9 of the Allocation Policy 18/19 (PDF 0.2MB)  outlines the University’s position on current students remaining in University accommodation.

The following groups of students are eligible to apply (section 9.4):

  • Students requiring a physically adapted room that cannot be accessed in the private sector
  • Students with visual impairment (with or without an assistance dog)
  • Students on the autism spectrum who cannot be provided with appropriate support to live in accommodation other than that provided by the University.
  • Care leavers and estranged students who are unable to obtain a guarantor in order to live in private accommodation.

Students with extenuating circumstances who do not meet the eligibility criteria listed above will be considered on a case by case basis (section 9.7).

If you think that you meet the eligibility criteria you will need to register your interest by completing the Returning Students Registering Your Interest (DOCX 39.7KB)The completed form should be returned to accommodation@yorksj.ac.uk by no later than midnight on Thursday 31st January.

Please note: completing the form does NOT guarantee that accommodation will be provided.

Completed forms will be considered by a panel comprising of representatives from Accommodation Services, Disability Services, Wellbeing Team and Students’ Union (section 9.6). Successful students will then be contacted and invited to complete an application via the Accommodation Hub in February.

If you are not successful, you will be informed with plenty of notice to look for accommodation in the private sector and support to do so will be provided.

We would advise that in the meantime you have a look at the house hunting pages. On these pages you will find useful information about house hunting in York, including a housing pack created by YSJSU.

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