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Placement year

During your placement

The Careers, Placements and Student Opportunities team will keep in touch with you during your placement.  Please do let us know how things are going and don't hesitate to get in touch with us at any point during your placement for information and advice.


As a placement year student, you can join our York St John University Placement Year LinkedIn group to make contact with other YSJU placement students, access links to resources and build your network. 

Attendance monitoring

During your placement year you will be required to maintain weekly contact with the University to confirm your attendance in order for us to meet our responsibilities as your Student Visa Sponsor.

You will be supplied with a timesheet which must be signed by your placement supervisor and emailed to at the end of your working week.  We must also be notified of any holidays you take to explain for missing timesheets.

This requirement will be communicated with your Placement Organisation via the Placement Agreement.

Placement supervisor visits

You will be allocated a Placement Supervisor who will be your main point of contact within your School during your placement.  This supervisor will be a member of academic staff from your School.  They will be in contact with you to arrange placement visits/contact.  Please do continue to check your university emails for correspondence.

Your Placement Supervisor will meet with you and your placement organisation supervisor during your placement.

Visits will normally be as follows: 

  • First visit (within 6 – 10 weeks of placement start)
  • Mid-point visit
  • Final debrief

Changes to placements

If there are any changes to your placement, such as a change in supervisor, inform the Careers, Placements and Student Opportunities team as soon as possible by emailing

If your placement is terminated early, please contact the Careers, Placements and Student Opportunities team straight away. If you have not met the minimum of 36 weeks of placement, you will need to approach other companies to see if they can accommodate you on placement.  When you secure an alternate placement, you will need to follow the original procedures by submitting a new Placement Approval Form.

If you are unhappy with your placement, speak to your Placement Co-ordinator who may be able to resolve any issues that have arisen. If a conversation with your Placement Co-ordinator does not resolve things, do speak with your Academic Tutor, as well as the Careers, Placements and Student Opportunities team.  If the situation is not able to be resolved, the team will discussion your options. Make sure that you follow the company’s protocol for resigning (for example, working any required notice period).  Please remember that you are on placement in a professional capacity.  You are an ambassador of York St John University, so please ensure that all your interactions, behaviour and conduct reflect favourably upon us.  Do not simply walk out of your placement:  this would be seen as unprofessional, and would compromise your career prospects at an early stage.

Reflecting on your placement

Following the completion of your placement, you will be required to create a poster reflecting on what you have learnt from the placement.  Once you return to University for your final year, students who have completed a placement year will come together to present their posters to each other.

We provide a resource pack which guides you through reflective activities during your placement year to prepare you for returning to university.

Placement Year Student Resource Pack (DOC, 28.8KB)

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