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Placement year

Preparing for your placement

There will be placement sessions on your timetable so please do attend as we will be able to provided support and guidance on all elements of the placement process.

The sessions will provide you with the opportunity to engage with us in the Careers, Placements and Student Opportunities team, and your School, in order for us to provide you with help and guidance throughout your year in industry process.  We’ll take you through how to start your placement search, preparing for the recruitment process, necessary placement paperwork and then preparation for actually being on placement.  There will also be opportunities to engage with organisations / guest speakers and gain information about upcoming job fairs and placement opportunities. 

In addition, there will be a series of drop-in sessions run collaboratively between the School and the Careers, Placements and Student Opportunities team.  Do attend as many of these as you can to be fully prepared for the placement.  You must attend at least one.

Finding accommodation for your placement year

It goes without saying that where you will be living, and your cost of living will be a large factor in your placement success.  It is your responsibility to secure accommodation that is suitable for your placement needs.  Close proximity and manageable transport are important, as is affordability.  Make it a priority to research this information, and to ask for advice at the interview.

Please e-mail or telephone the accommodation team on 01904 876650 for advice and support on this.

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