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Placement year

Should I do a placement year

Choosing a Placement Year / Year in Industry placement is a fantastic way to develop your employability skills whilst finding out about an area of work that interests you.

Experience the recruitment process

The process of securing a placement experience follows the same recruitment process as if you were searching for a job after completing your university studies: searching, applying, interviewing, outcome.  By undertaking a placement as part of your studies means that you will have first-hand experience of this competitive process prior to graduation.

Develop the skills and experience that employers are looking for

A placement experience gives you an early opportunity to develop the skills and experiences that employers are looking for in their employees, including: team work; communication; resilience; leadership; initiative; organisation.  These skills and experiences can make you a desired applicant and supplement your qualifications.

Build your professional network

Placements are an excellent way to make contacts through networking.  Having a ‘foot in the door’ may lead to future opportunities within the company or may put you in touch with a future influential figure in your career.


Increase your confidence

You may wish to live away for your placement, either in the UK or abroad.  This experience can be character-building, increasing your confidence, social skills and cultural awareness as you meet new groups of people.


First-hand insight into a sector / industry

Actual work experience in your chosen field can massively increase your employability.  Employers are more likely to favour graduates who can offer real life experiences and knowledge from having already worked within the field they are pursuing. A placement may help to form your opinion of certain career choices early, which can then inform you of the direction you wish to pursue at the end of the degree.

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