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Placement year


You can contact the placements team at any time by emailing or by telephone on 01904 876756.

Placement co-ordinators

You will be assigned a Placement Coordinator before your placement commences.  This member of staff will act as a supportive link between you, your employer and York St John University.  Your Placement Coordinator will contact you before the placement, to assist you with any advice or information required for creating a learning plan.  They will also be available with advice and assistance throughout the placement year.  You will then be visited by your Placement Coordinator within the first 6 – 10 weeks of your placement, to ensure that learning objectives have been established, and to ensure that you and your placement organisation understand the requirements of placement assessment.  All visits will include dialogue between your Placement Coordinator and your work-based supervisor.

Your Placement Coordinator will make two further visits, to you:  these will include (a) a mid-point visit, to monitor your progress in the completion of your learning objectives, and (b) a final debrief with yourself and your employer.

Placement Coordinators are able to deal with any issues and provide support.  Your allocated member of staff is there to support you from the University side of things.  Therefore, do please inform them if there is anything that is concerning you, or if you have any issues which you feel may require University guidance.


Supervision and support in the workplace

You will be allocated a work-based supervisor to support you and to help you with your placement work.  This member of staff will answer your queries and help you to settle in.  Due to the nature of busy work environments, your supervisor will have other responsibilities; therefore, it is essential that you think ahead to make sure you get the most out of your meetings.  Keep a record of what you do so that you can update your supervisor, and be ready to share this information.

Your Year in Industry placement will be an excellent opportunity for you to deal with workloads, prioritise and plan your time.  If you are unsure of anything, or would like advice on how to manage your workload, your work-based supervisor will be able to answer any queries you have.

If your work-based supervisor changes, please update (a) your Placement Co-ordinator, and (b) the Careers, Placements and Student Opportunities team.


Support from York St John University

During your placement year, the Student Advice Team is your first point of contact for the following services:

  • Wellbeing
  • Learning support
  • Student Funding advice
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