Chapel Refurbishment over the summer of 2018

Thanks to a generous grant from the Churches Universities Fund, the Chapel will be undergoing some major changes ready for the Autumn Semester and beyond. Work will begin on May 26th and is scheduled to be completed in the beginning of September, during which time the Chapel will be inaccessible.

The use of facilities during the next academic year (2018/19) will remain as they are now, until the new Creative Centre is completed. Afterwards it will be continue to be available for a wide variety of creative activities; including worship, performance, music, hospitality and art. 

The aim of the refurbishment is to widen the usage of the Chapel space in such a way as to reflect the diversity and changing needs of students and staff. When the Chapel reopens you will see the following changes:

  • The Chapel will become ‘The Chaplaincy Centre’
  • This space is designed for creative,, reflective and spiritual groups and is not intended for administrative meetings or formal academic teaching. 
  • The entrance lobby will be extended to accommodate an accessible toilet, and the new front door will face Temple Hall.
  • The current prayer room in the entrance lobby will remain as it is.
  • The central space will remain as a Christian worship area or performance venue.
  • Moveable screens will be constructed to section off the back of the central space if required. This area will have softer furnishing in order to become a flexible space for hospitality, discussion, exhibitions, etc.
  • The two transepts on either side of the main church space will be sectioned off with glass panelling, to form bookable, neutral, spaces – with priority given to spiritual or religious activities for those of major world faiths.
  • The current vestry will become a room for small groups, and have a new window, facing on to the Peace Garden.
  • The rear of the current vestry will be curtained off, and an ablution facility will be installed.


We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during these alterations. If you have any questions regarding this, or would like any additional information please email the Chaplaincy team at 


Main Chapel Plan

Transept and Screen Plans

Vestry Plan

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