Clearing 2019

International Baccalaureates

Received your IB results? You don't need to wait until August. Act now to get ahead of the crowd and secure your place.

How to apply to us

Get in touch with us.

Give us a call on +44 (0)1904 876598, or send us an email at Tell us the course you're interested in, and what grades you achieved in your IB. Then, we'll usually be able to give you an immediate answer and quickly follow this with an offer in writing to you.

Apply to us online.

If you'd rather not call or email us, you can make an application to us online. We'll deal with this quickly and will normally be able to get an answer back to you in an hour (Monday to Friday, 9.00am–5.00pm BST).

Once we've made you an offer, it's over to you.

I've applied through UCAS

If you have applied through UCAS this year, you will be able to refer yourself to us by going to your UCAS Track page and clicking add Clearing choice. Once you have done that, we’ll be able to see your application and we can formally accept you.

I'm already holding an offer with another university

If you are already holding an offer with another university, you will need to be released from that. We can explain what you will need to do and help you through the process.

I've not applied through UCAS

If you haven’t applied through UCAS this year that’s not a problem. We can accept you directly and create you a record in UCAS (you also won’t need to pay an application fee). We’ll just send you a short form to fill out once you have been accepted and we’ll do the rest.

What happens if I need accommodation?

Don’t worry if you need accommodation – we guarantee all of our first year Undergraduates accommodation if they need it, and we still have a selection of accommodation available.

See our accommodation here.

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