Transferring to York St John University

We are happy to consider applicants who want to join our courses in the second or third year.

The application process for this is slightly different, as we are looking to import credits from another university and bring them to our courses. There are two ways that you can do this:

Apply through UCAS

You can apply through UCAS as you originally did. Be careful to set the year of entry on your application form to either Year 2 or Year 3 as appropriate so we can see what you want.

Apply direct to us

At this stage of the admissions cycle, we can accept direct applications if you haven’t already applied through UCAS for 2020.

Please follow the link to our simple application form, fill in your details and we will quickly get back to you.

What we need

Once we have received your form, we will ask you for an official transcript of the modules that you have done so far (if you have that) or a list of the modules that you have taken so far (titles, credits and marks received).

For us to confirm your place, we will need you to provide us with a final official transcript from your current university. You don’t need to wait for this to come before applying though.

What are the rules behind this?

For applicants to be accepted directly into Year 2 or Year 3, we will look at:

  • Does the applicant have enough credits – we will need applicants to have 120 credits for Year 2 entry and 240 credits for Year 3 entry.
  • Are the credits at the right level - we will need the credits equivalent to the number that our students would have to have, so 120 credits at Year 1 level to enter Year 2 or 120 credits at Year 1 and 120 credits at Year 2 for entry to Year 3.
  • Has the applicant covered the right material – we need to match the subjects that you have studied against our course. For some courses that are externally accredited, the match needs to be very exact, but in all cases, it’s important to know that you have covered similar material so that you will have every possible chance of success with us.

What courses accept applicants directly into Year 2 or 3?

We could consider direct entry applications for all of our courses, but some require a very close credit match where they carry external accreditation. Examples of these courses would be Teacher Training, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Biomedical Science, Law and Psychology.

Need more information?

Our team are here to help and explain the process. Get in touch and we can answer any questions.

T: +44(0)1904 876598


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