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Clearing FAQs

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How does clearing work?

Clearing runs from July through to October and allows applicants to contact universities directly to get places. A lot of clearing activity takes place on results day (15 August) when A level results are released along with other results like BTECS.

To make an application through Clearing you need to contact universities directly. Look at individual university websites, in most cases you will be able to call or apply online.

If the university makes you an offer, you will accept it through UCAS. The main thing is to get in touch.


How do I see which universities have places in clearing?

If you are researching courses the best place to start is the UCAS website.

You will be able to find full clearing listings which show every university and every course that still has places. This can be sorted by course, university or geographical area.


If I’m holding an offer but don’t want that place, what should I do?

This is quite common.

If you want to change course but stay at the university that you have chosen, just get in touch with the university and ask them whether it’s possible. At York St John, we are always keen to do this where we can. Email us at and we’ll get back to you. In most cases, this is easy to sort out.

If you want to completely change university, this is also possible. Call the universities that you are interested in and see if you can get in there. If they make you an offer, you can go to your UCAS Track page and release yourself from the offer that you are holding and then you can refer yourself to the new university who have made you an offer. It’s that simple.


I haven’t applied through UCAS but want to go to university, what should I do?

You can call universities as normal and get offers. 

Make it clear to the people that you speak to that you haven’t applied through UCAS for 2019.

Universities can accept people who aren’t in the UCAS system by using a Record of Prior Acceptance. This will involve them getting your details and creating a record directly into the UCAS system. This will allow you to be accepted without you having to do the full application or pay the application fee.


How long will going through clearing take?

The simple answer is not long. 

Different universities have different systems. At York St John, unless you are applying for a course that needs an interview (Art and Design, Occupational Therapy or Primary Teaching) we’ll make a decision on the spot and give you a verbal offer. Calls shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes unless you have additional questions (which is not a problem by the way). Once you have made the call, we’ll send you a formal offer in an email within 10 minutes of the call finishing.

If you want to accept an offer, you will need to go onto your UCAS Track page and ‘refer yourself’ to the place that you want to go to. You will just need to click add clearing choice and put in the institution code and course code that you want.

Once you have done this your university will accept you.

If you are applying on 15th August, you will not be able to ‘refer yourself’ to the university that you choose on UCAS Track until 3pm but don’t worry, your offers won’t go away. At any other time, you can refer yourself straight away.


When does clearing finish?

Clearing finishes at the end of October.

At York St John, because we start quite early (16 September), we will finish clearing in the first week of October as we don’t want our new students to have missed too much work as it puts them at a disadvantage.

Other universities start later.

Ten years ago clearing was a bit like a Black Friday sale – if you didn’t get in in the first few hours, you would be left with only rubbish to choose from. It’s different now and you’ll still find great courses at a later stage.


How many clearing offers can I get and can I change my clearing choice? 

Because clearing offers are verbal offer and offers are in writing, you can collect as many clearing offers as you like (although obviously, you can only choose one). 

If you have referred yourself through UCAS and been accepted by UCAS, you can release yourself from that place if you want (using your UCAS Track page) and start again. It’s quite flexible but think carefully before you act.


How do I see my offers and where I stand in UCAS?

If you have applied through UCAS, you will be able to see your latest status on your UCAS Track page.

Go to and sign in.

If you are unsure about what’s going on, call your university or call UCAS – 0371 468 0 468


How do I accept my clearing offers?

Go to your UCAS Track page and sign in

You should see a button that says add clearing choice. Press this and then put in the institution code for the university that you want to go to and also the course code. 

The place that’s accepted you should provide this information but if they haven’t, you can check it on the UCAS course search.

Once you have done this, your university will accept you and you will be able to see this on your UCAS Track.


I need accommodation, what should I do?

The situation with accommodation at each university will be different.

We are glad to say that we guarantee everyone who is accepted through clearing accommodation and we will be able to give you a choice of rooms, starting at as little as £100 per week.

Have a look at our Accommodation page.

You’ll be able to apply for accommodation as soon as you have been accepted and we’ll sort it out quickly for you.


Applying for 2020 through clearing (deferred places)

We’ll be happy to accept you for a 2020 start through clearing. You will just need to make it clear to us when you apply.

Not all universities will do this so it’ll be worth checking.


What grades do I need to get in through clearing?

If you want to come to York St John University, you will need 48 points for our courses with a foundation year, at least 72 points for our degree courses and normally at least 96 points for Occupational Therapy, Biomedical Science or Primary Teaching.


What do I need to prepare before making clearing calls and making applications?

We have written a blog about making Clearing calls.


I turned down my original Offer with you, can I reapply?

Yes you can. The only people who can’t reapply are people who have been rejected by us.

If we made you an offer and you didn’t accept it, give us a call and we’ll most likely be able to make you an offer.


Firm and Insurance Offers – what happens with them?

This is one of the more tricky parts of the process and an area that often confuses people.

Most people will have chosen a firm and insurance place.

Universities go through a process called confirmation – they get your results before you do and will make decisions that you should be able to see on your UCAS Track. 

To make this as simple as possible:

  • If you firm choice accepts you, you will be expected to go there. If you don’t want to, your only option will be to release yourself from that offer (you can do this on your UCAS Track) and go through clearing.
  • If you firm choice doesn’t accept you but your insurance choice does. You will be expected to go to your insurance choice. Again, if you don’t want to, you can release yourself and go through clearing.
  • If both your firm and insurance choices don’t accept you. You will not have a place but you will be able to go straight into clearing, so don’t give up.


What if I’ve not met my offer conditions?

If you haven’t met your conditions, one of two things could happen. The university may choose not to accept you or in some cases, if the university have places and likes your overall application, they might be able to accept you at a lower grade level.

You will be able to see what decisions have been made on your UCAS Track page from 6:30am on results day.


Do York St John University Offer any scholarships?

Yes we do. 

We offer 50 award of £1000 in cash for our top 50 entrants. This is based on who gets the most tariff points. 

We also offer £100 to all entrants, which can be spent on a variety of things like books, catering and joining clubs and societies at the university. This £100 is given for every year of your studies.

If your family income is less than £25,000 you will receive £500 per year for three years.


Will I need to sort out my student finance if I have changed university through clearing?

Yes. You will need to inform Student Finance England of the change.

If you haven’t applied for finance, you need to do that as quickly as possible.


I want to come straight into the second or third year of a course… 

We can take people who have credits from other universities and allow them to start in second or third year if they have enough credits and the modules that have been followed are broadly similar.

If you are interested in transferring here, just give us a call and we can start the process.

Transfer take a little longer than first-year entry as we will need to look at the credits that you have gained and get them ‘signed off’.


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