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UCAS Extra

Questions and Answers

What is UCAS Extra?

If you have already applied through UCAS and have a live application, you may be eligible for UCAS Extra.

UCAS Extra is for applicants who are not holding any offers. This can be because you have not been accepted at any of your original choices, or if you have decided to withdraw from them. You are eligible for Extra if you are not holding any ‘live’ applications – either offers or any choices where a decision has not been made.

Extra allows you to make additional choices one at a time. You will need to choose a university and course to apply to, make the application via your UCAS Track page (more about that in a minute) and then wait for a reply from that university.

If you are successful in that application, you will then need to accept the offer through your UCAS Track page. If you are not successful, you can then add another choice. Technically you can continue to make applications through Extra until 4thJuly, although hopefully you will find a place with your first attempt.

UCAS Extra is available from Monday 25th February through to Thursday 4th July 2019

When is Extra available?

UCAS Extra starts on Monday 25th February and runs right through until 4th July – the last day that you can add new choices.

I’ve changed my mind about the courses that I originally applied for, what do I do?

Some applicants use Extra if they have changed their mind about the courses or universities that they want to go to and use Extra as a way of doing that.

It will be possible to withdraw from your original choices and go through Extra, but think very carefully about this before you go ahead, as you could potentially be turning down offers without a guarantee that you will get offers through Extra.

Exactly how do I apply?

  • Got to your UCAS Track page
  • If you are eligible for extra, you should see a UCAS Track button on your Track page.
  • Once you have pressed that, you should be able to search for courses using the UCAS Course Search Tool. This will tell you if courses still have vacancies. If there are still places, there will be an x next to that course.
  • Enter the university code (ours is Y75), the course code and submit the application.
  • Wait for a reply (this shouldn’t take long at this time of year.) You’ll be able to see the reply and any offer conditions on your Track page.

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