Academic Board Committees

  • Academic Board
  • Quality and Standards Committee
  • Research Degrees Sub Committee
  • Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Committee on Honorary Degrees and Fellowships
  • Board of Examiners for Progress and Award
  • Academic Promotions Committee
  • Student Conduct and Appeals Committee

Academic Board_Cttee meeting schedule 2018-19 (PDF 0.2MB)

Terms of reference/confirmed minutes
Where appropriate terms of reference and confirmed minues of committees are provided below.

Committee secretaries

Academic Board Lorna Shrubb 6364
Quality and Standards (QSC) Jo Morgan 6767
Research Degrees Sub Committee (RDSC)  Jill Graham 6679
Learning and Teaching Committee (L&T) Carla Wardell 6635
Research Committee Elizabeth Goodwin-Andersson 6326 
Honorary Degrees and Fellowships (HDF) Zoe Wilde 6603
Board of Examiners for Progress and Award (BEPA) Lynn Burnell 6547
Academic Promotions tbc tbc
Student Conduct and Appeals Dr Lena Barrett 6686


Academic Board

Learning and Teaching Committee

(previously Enhancing Learning, Teaching and Students' Experience Committee)  

2013 - 2014

ESEC Minutes 2013-09-04 (pdf 61.1kb)

ESEC Minutes 2013-10-30 (pdf 74kb)

ESEC Minutes 2014-01-29 (pdf 73.5kb)

ESEC Minutes 2014-03-26 (pdf.73.5kb)

ESEC Minutes 2014-06-04 (pdf 76.1kb)


2014 - 2015

ESEC Minutes 2014-09-15 (pdf 87kb)

ESEC Minutes 2014-11-05 (pdf 83.1kb)

ESEC Minutes 2015-01-28 (pdf 0.3MB)

ESEC Minutes 2015-03-25 (pdf 87.9kb)

ESEC Minutes 2015-06-03 (pdf 80kb)


2015 - 2016

ESEC Minutes 2015-09-02 (pdf 55kb)

ESEC Minutes 2015-11-04 (pdf 0.3MB)

ESEC Minutes 2016-01-27 (pdf 80.3kb)

ESEC Minutes 2016-03-23 (pdf 82.6kb)

ESEC Minutes 2016-06-08 (pdf 83.6kb)


2016 - 2017

ELTSEC Minutes 2016-09-14 (pdf 63kb)

ELTSEC Minutes 2016-11-23 (PDF 64.1kb)


Terms of Reference 2018-19

Learning and Teaching Committee Terms of Reference 2018-19 (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Quality and Standards Committee

Board of Examiners and Sub-Committees

Committee on Honorary Degrees and Fellowships

Student Appeals and Conduct Committee

Academic Promotions Committee

Research Committee

Research Degrees Sub Committee and Research Degrees Examination Panel

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