By air

Arrival at Manchester Airport

Manchester is the most convenient airport for York. On arrival at Manchester Airport, make your way to the railway (train) station, which is part of the airport complex. The trains to York depart every hour. The journey to York takes about 2 hours.


Arrival at Heathrow Airport (London)

There is a regular direct underground rail service from Heathrow airport to Kings Cross railway station. The journey time is about 45 minutes. Trains leave King’s Cross station every half hour for York.


Arrival at Gatwick Airport (London)

Please make your way to the railway station, which is in the airport complex and take the THAMESLINK train to Kings Cross. These trains leave Gatwick at 15 minutes and 45 minutes past each hour and the journey time to Kings Cross is 45 minutes. Please make sure you take the Thameslink train. There is another service called Gatwick - Victoria Express , which involves changing trains on the underground system and is more complicated. On arrival at Kings Cross Thameslink station, go out of the station building and cross the road to the main Kings Cross railway station, where you will catch the train to York. Trains leave Kings Cross every half hour for York, and the journey time is about 2 hours.


Arrival at Leeds Bradford Airport

A bus operates from Leeds Bradford Airport to Leeds Station and then a train operates to York Station. The total journey time is approximately 1 hours 42 minutes.


Arrival at Newcastle Airport

There is a direct link from Newcastle Airport to Newcastle Railway Station on the Metro. From Newcastle Station the journey takes approximately 1 hour to York Railway Station.

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