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Credits: 60

Compulsory module

On this module, you will focus on transforming practice. As a clinician, you will develop your own specific areas of expertise and advanced practice. You will consider the service and practice within which you work and how to enhance it:

  • You may transform your own service and its interaction with other services in patient pathways through innovation inside and across different services
  • You may transform your relationship with patients by adopting a health coaching approach
  • You may transform the effectiveness of your interventions by understanding how health literacy influences patient compliance  to treatment regimens.

As a clinician, you will reflect on and develop your practice through engagement with theories, models and tools of change management, health coaching and health literacy. This will be underpinned by your critical appraisal of the relevant evidence.

You will be assessed on four different pieces of written work. Each one is worth 25% of your total qualification:

  • A 2500 word critique of a health coaching-related research paper
  • A 25 minute presentation on service transformation, including plan for change, implementation of change, personal and theoretical reflections on change
  • A 2500 word critical self reflection
  • A 2500 word critical evaluation of the effectiveness of communications with patients/users of service


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