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Short course

Effective Anger Management for Individuals and Groups

An integrative therapeutic training programme for counsellors, therapists and psychologists.

‘Effective Anger Management for Individuals and Groups’ is a 4 week webinar programme aimed at giving qualified mental health professionals the tools to run effective anger management courses. This programme was developed by Dr Gary Shepherd of York St John University in 2013 and uses a mixture of Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness, and group reflection theory to help initiate behavioural and attitudinal change. The course has a proven track record of significantly reducing participant anger, improving interpersonal relationships and fostering calmness.


  • Start date – TBC
  • Time – TBC
  • Facilitator - Dr Gary Shepherd

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About the course

Course information

Course outcome

On completion of the Effective Anger Management for Individuals and Groups programme you will be certified to run your own anger management group using Dr Shepherd’s model.

You will have access to a host of online training materials accompanying the course. Training materials include participant hand out booklets, mindfulness resources and psychological measurement tools.

Course content

On the Effective Anger Management for Individuals and Groups programme you will cover:

  • Working online
  • Working with individuals and groups
  • Understanding the angry person from a psychological, therapeutic, and physiological perspective
  • Utilising Transactional Analysis to create therapeutic insight
  • Practical mindfulness techniques for self-development
  • Using Action Learning to help activate change
  • Using psychological measurements to track client progress
  • Using web-based resources to run group sessions.

Who should attend

This course would be of interest to experienced counsellors, therapists, psychologists and those working in a range of mental health organisations including hospitals, charities or wellbeing centres.

Course biographies

Dr Gary Shepherd developed the 10 week anger management group course in 2013. Over this time he has helped many group members lower their anger and develop more lasting interpersonal relationships. Dr Shepherd implements evidence-based measures to monitor therapeutic change in group members and is a regular contributor to academic journals where he shares the results of his work.

Dr Shepherd has published a number of articles on the effectiveness of the 10 week anger management course in the following academic journals: Counselling & Psychotherapy Research, the British Journal of Guidance & Counselling and Action Learning, Research & Practice.

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